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Racial Justice Sunday 2024

Racial Justice Sunday is coming up on the 11th February. Neil Masih, our diocesan Intercultural Mission Enabler, writes about this year's theme and the resources available.

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The importance of hobbies

This month we have been looking at the theme of Healthy People as we implement the Restored Health aspect of our vision: To be Bearers of Life. In line with this we explore the importance of taking time out to enjoy hobbies.

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Developing a Rule of Life

This month we have been focusing on Whole Health – Mind, Body, and Spirit. One thing that many people find beneficial to leading a healthy life is developing their own Rule of Life.


A successful final Vacancy in See committee meeting

The Vacancy in See Committee had their final meeting on Monday 15 January where they successfully voted six members onto the Crown Nominations Committee and signed off the diocesan Statement of Needs document.


Is joy possible on Blue Monday?

Director of Communications, Andy Waddams, talks about the joy to be found in January. 


A update from our Diocesan Secretary

Our diocesan secretary, Jacqueline Ladds, gives an update.

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Saints Phase 2 will help support physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Saints Nuneaton are embarking on phase two of their renovation works this year.


Thank you from Bishop Christopher

Bishop Christopher, the former Bishop of Coventry, has written a letter of thanks to the diocese.


Bishop Ruth's Christmas message

Bishop Ruth's Christmas message to the diocese.

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Public Vacancy in See meeting

The Archbishops’ and Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretaries will hold a public meeting on the evening of Tuesday 9 January, on Zoom, 7-8pm.

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