Growing healthy churches

Coventry Diocese has as its purpose

Worshipping God, Making New Disciples, Transforming Communities

To foster growth and fulfil this threefold purpose the Diocesan Synod and Bishop's Council agreed to make its primary strategy the fostering of the development of the 8 Essential Quality Characteristics of healthy churches as identified by the Institute of Natural Church Development.

A Healthy Churches Development Enabler develops strategy for the realisation of the 8EQs across the parishes of the diocese and at every level of the diocese to help them become woven into the DNA of the structures and churches of the diocese. All enquiries about the 8 Essential Qualities, Parish Presentations, implementation of growth principles etc should be addressed to Clive Hicks.

Healthy Churches Updates for Coventry Diocese

Update #4 - May 2024

Update #3 - January 2024

Update #2 - September 2023

Update #1 - May 2023

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