In the autumn of 2017, and at the invitation of Bishop Christopher, Bishop Paul Korir and two companions from Kapsabet Diocese visited the Diocese of Coventry. This included attending our Diocesan Clergy Conference in Liverpool, and so began the process of discerning and then confirming a companionship link which now exists between our two Dioceses.

Bishop Christopher receives quite a few requests and approaches from overseas dioceses enquiring about the possibility of creating links with us in Coventry. “This approach from Bishop Paul Korir seems somehow special and different” is how Bishop Christopher put it to me a few years back. Bishop Paul’s approach was particularly prayerful, seeking Kingdom relationship and opportunities to learn from and be enriched by each other primarily. At no point has it been based on financial considerations leading to a dependency- type relationship. The generosity with which visitors from here to Kapsabet Diocese demonstrates that their orientation is to giving what they can and graciously receiving what we have to share.

In February 2018 Bishop Christopher led a team to Kapsabet, and the following year Bishop John did the same. In between these visits, Bishop Paul and his wife Selline came to our diocese and the relationship was sealed in a ceremony here following the earlier one in Kapsabet Diocese. A mission team led by Michael Brandsma and members of St. Mary’s Atherstone and others visited and ministered in early 2020, providentially, before the COVID-19 lockdown.

Everyone who has been to Kapsabet has a story to tell, and some of them are here on this web page for you to read.

Kapsabet appeal for those who have lost livelihoods due to COVID Pandemic

One of the consequences of the lockdown in Kenya has been that many small business owners have lost their livelihood. Similarly, casual workers have lost employment. With very limited state support for those in such circumstances, Kapsabet Diocese is seeking to provide "seed" money to help people get re-started in business and self-employment. The aim is to help the most needy 10 cases in each of the 45 Parishes of the Diocese. Through our Coventry Diocesan "Donate" page we are inviting gifts towards a "Macedonian Fund" to support Kapsabet Diocese in reaching out with assistance in this way. In addition, it is clear that help in the wake of covid will be needed for people requiring on-going medical care. Much healthcare is only available for a fee. Often if someone goes to hospital needing healthcare they are turned away unless they can pay up front for treatment.  

You can give to this appeal by sending money to the finance team at the diocesan offices and making it clear that you would like your donation to go to the Kapsabet appeal. 

Many thanks for any assistance that you can give.

Galatians 6:10: "When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. But we should give special attention to those who are in the family of believers."

Speacial appeal for urgent healthcare for Kapsabet Diocesan Secretary, Bethuel Cheruiot

Many of us will remember Bethuel from when he and Bishop Paul Korir of our Kenyan link Diocese came to our Diocesan Conference in Liverpool a few years ago. Bethuel was in hospital requiring vital medical care. Thank you to everyone who donated to the appeal for her medical care - the full costs for treatment and recovery have been given. 

Revd Canon Andrew Dow in Kapsabet

The Revd Canon Andrew Dow visited Kapsabet Diocese in February 2019. He commented on the visit:

"As a result of our diocesan team visit in February 2019, it soon became apparent that our Kenyan brothers and sisters had lots to teach us - about boldness in witnessing to Jesus, about lively worship and the importance of praise, and about dependence on Jesus.  I think we were able to help them in some way, too, perhaps in the area of preaching and teaching the Bible. On the second Sunday, I preached at a local rural church.  (When the service began, there were about forty in the congregation; but by the end, a long time later (!), there were about four hundred!  They had to bring in extra chairs twice). I preached on the story of Jesus and the disciples caught in the storm on the lake.  Afterwards, the vicar, only recently made an incumbent, said, “Thank you so much for explaining that well known story in a way that i had never heard before, and which made sense of the whole thing.”


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