Racial Justice Sunday 2023

Sunday 12th February 2023 is Racial Justice Sunday. 

On this page are some resources to use for Racial Justice Sunday.

Bishop John commends these resources:

"You may already have had some thoughts about Racial Justice Sunday, but here are some further resources which I commend, for use in worship or discussion groups or for wider dissemination." +John

Introduction to Racial Justice Sunday

This year as we prepare to celebrate Racial Justice Sunday throughout Coventry Diocese, the Race Equality Advisory Group (REAG) is pleased to offer a complete liturgy for a Service of Holy Communion and Service of Word.

The liturgy is original, and has been developed by various members of the REAG.  It includes options for Confession, Prayers, Collects, Creed, Short and Extended Prefaces for Holy Communion, a Racial Justice Lament, and Poetry.  Options of recommended readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament and Gospels are also included on the site for ease in planning.

During 2022 the REAG launched its Racial Justice logo competition in our Church Schools – Primary, Secondary, and Sixth Form Colleges.  The competition was a tremendous success with nearly 100 entries.  The 3 finalists – artists and schools they attend, will be revealed on Racial Justice Sunday, 12 February 2023, during the celebration service at Coventry Cathedral at 10:30am. 

To support this initiative, local businesses around the Dioceses sponsored the competition – Thomas Hackett, of J.E. Hacketts & Sons noted;

“This is a worthy outreach scheme where the Church and businesses can work together and support the artistic development of  school-age children.  It is also an opportunity to build harmony, offering hope for our future.”

Michael and Jodie, directors with the publishing company Three Spires, had this to say about the Racial Justice Logo Competition:

“As a local Coventry based publication we feel that the importance of racial awareness should be high on our agenda. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our readers with not only local advertisers but also issues that can benefit the community of the City. Being part of the racial awareness campaign not only shows our dedication to a worthwhile cause but also our commitment to being part of something that the whole city can be proud of.”

The new logo will be used by the REAG to identify bespoke work underway for the Diocese.  Rosalyn Murphy, REAG Chair added;

“Working with our children in Church Schools places the future church at the forefront of Christian worship, leadership, and mission.  It indicates the significance continued learning and biblical study hold in our churches, but also emphasises the continued value art brings to Christian messaging.  Along those lines, this year the REAG also introduces three educational video clips, Africa in the Bible and an opening video prayer for churches using multi-media in worship.  Enjoy!"

Written Resources

Racial Justcie Sunday Worship Service

A selection of Prayers and Collects

Racial Justice intercessions 

Prayers of the Faithful

Poetry about Racial Justice

Musings...Food for Thought 

Reading Resources

Additional Resources

Racial Justice Sunday slides from St Thomas, Longford

Churches Together in Britian and Ireland Racial Justice Sunday booklet

Video Resources



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