The road to ordination training

Communications Officer, Anna, chats to one our newest ordinands, Cerys Smith, about the vocations process and her path to ordination training. 

Can you tell us about when you first felt the call to ordained ministry?

I have always had a sense of vocation just not necessarily a vocation to ordained ministry. I have always found and done work that I am passionate about that helps people, and in hindsight, the call to ordination started with my internship in the Reconciliation Ministry at Coventry Cathedral and taking it was a leap of faith for me. Following my internship, a calling to explore ordained ministry gradually built over a couple of months in a series of moments that included being at a Monday morning Holy Communion at the Cathedral where I had a clear thought that “I want to do that”, I want to preside at the Eucharist; and an overwhelming sense of wanting to join in with what God was doing following a diocesan companionship link trip to Kenya, led by the Bishop of Warwick, that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. 

What was your experience of the vocations process? 

My experience of the vocations process has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone I talked to, worked with and who helped me discern my calling, and ultimately being accepted for training, was so supportive, understanding with what I was going through, and encouraging of my vocation whether or not it turned out to be for ordination.

This year's BAP (Bishop's Advisory Panel) interviews were over Zoom, how did you find them?

It was very intense not just with the format of the interviews, only two 1 hour interviews on one day (normally the BAP is over 3 days), but also the fact it happened during lockdown and it was a new system they had been created and not tested before. However, Ellie Clack (DDO) and her team were amazing in keeping us calm, getting us answers and being so supportive throughout it all.

What is next for you?

I am moving to Durham in September to train at Cranmer Hall (a theology college at Durham University). I will be an ordinand there for 3 years, before, hopefully, returning to Coventry as a curate.

Please pray for Cerys and the other new ordinands as they begin their training in September.

First published on: 19th August 2020
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