Vacancy in See

In June, it was announced that The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth is to be appointed to the Deanery of the King’s Free Chapel of St George, Windsor Chapel. This move will create a vacancy in the see of Coventry and the process is now underway.

There are currently 9 Diocese in England that are in vacancy and the process to appoint a new Bishop usually takes between 12-24 months. Here are some helpful thoughts as we enter into this process:

The Committee
Our Vacancy in See Committee is made up of ex-officio members and members elected by Diocesan Synod.

Statement of Needs
The Committee will be meeting between September and early January 2024 to discern the needs of the Diocese and create a Statement of Needs. This document sets out a description of the diocese, reflects on the challenges and opportunities for Gospel and Church in the communities served, and considers the gifts and skills the Diocese might be seeking in a new bishop.

Diocesan Profile & Consultations
The Archbishops’ and Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretaries will support the Vacancy in See Committee throughout this process. They will consult widely to build up a profile of the diocese and the needs of the city and the region, and a listening exercise will be undertaken in relation to the future ministry and mission of the next bishop.  Details of how to engage with this process will be added shortly and will also be communicated across all of our communications channels, including the website and diocesan Bulletin.

Crown Nominations Commission
Six members of the Vacancy in See Committee will be elected to join the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), which also includes the Archbishops and six representatives elected by General Synod.
The CNC is responsible for developing the role profile and person specification for the next bishop, as well as shortlisting and interviewing candidates.  The CNC then recommend the name of their preferred candidates to the Prime Minister, who advises the King, who formally nominates the candidate to the vacant see.  The Crown then grants to the College of Canons of Coventry Cathedral a licence to proceed to elect a new Bishop of Coventry and a letter missive naming the person to be elected.

Overview Time Table



7 Sep 2023

Preliminary Meeting / Social Meeting of the Diocesan Vacancy in See Committee.

25 Sep 2023

Meeting of the Diocesan Vacancy in See Committee

Oct – Dec 2023

Workshops & Production of the Statement of Needs

Jan 2024

Public Consultation Meeting

Jan 2024

Individual and Group Consultation Meetings

Jan 2024

Final meeting of the Vacancy in See Committee
Election to the CNC & Statement of Needs Document Sign off.

Feb 2024

CNC welcome Diocesan representatives


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