Our vision for the Diocese of Coventry

Bishop Christopher has recorded a new video, outlining the vision for next five years in the Diocese of Coventry. 

The purpose of the Diocese of Coventry remains unchanged. We are called to worship God, make new disciples and transform communities.  That is why we exist - why we have always existed.

However, our shared vision will steadily evolve in response to our changing world. It puts the flesh on the bones of our shared purpose. It paints a picture of what our diocese could look like in five years’ time. It answers the question, “Where are we going?”

Bishop Christopher's vision is that as we worship God, make new disciples and transform communities we will rejoice in being bearers of life, bringers of life, agents of life with:

  • Restored health
  • New growth
  • Renewed relationships

Read more on the Vision page of our website. 


First published on: 31st January 2022
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