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Love is stronger than hate

A Thought in Tribute to George Floyd from Sarah Hills, Vicar of Holy Island and Canon Emeritus for Reconciliation, Coventry Cathedral. <br />

Profoundly uncomfortable times

Bishop John reflects on what God might be saying to us. <br />

Bishops take the knee

Bishop Christopher and Bishop John 'took the knee' in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-racism campaigners. <br />

Bishop John talks to the Revd Dr Rosalyn Murphy

Bishop John talks to the Revd Dr Rosalyn Murphy about privilege, power and racism.<br />

2020 Spirit Vision

At 6pm on Sunday 31st May, the Diocese of Coventry hosted a virtual Pentecost Praise service called 2020 Spirit Vision. <br />

Mental health and coronavirus

Information about a number of mental heath resources which are now available.

Growing Faith

Growing Faith Coventry have launched a Facebook page and Twitter feed to support churches, schools and families during lockdown and beyond. <br />

Open Heaven

Open Heaven is a simple prayer initiative, uniting Christians across the many churches of Coventry, to get out onto the streets of the city during the month of June 2020. <br />

VE Day address by the Bishop of Coventry

The Bishop of Coventry spoke to the people of Coventry and Warwickshire today.  His address was part of a special VE Day Anniversary service that was sent from Coventry Cathedral. <br />

Places of Peace (POP) goes online!

In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, recently established youth work project ‘Places of Peace' (POP) has gone online as a virtual youth club to help support young people who are self-isolating during this difficult time. <br />

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