Diocesan Mission Fund

The Diocesan Mission Fund (DMF) exists to encourage people around the diocese to start mission focused activities, by providing some or all of the funds which are required to get projects going.

The Diocesan Mission Fund is currently not receiving applications. The website will be updated when the fund has reopened.

Please contact Jo Hands, if you have any questions relating to DMF grant funding: jo.hands@coventry.anglican.org.

What will the DMF give grants for?

Any deanery, benefice or parish in the Diocese of Coventry can apply for grants. The DMF's priorities are projects which are:

  • Missional: Aimed at making "New Christians and Disciples".
  • New / Pioneering: New ways to serve people or areas not currently reached by the Church.  Grants are usually given to help start new projects.
  • Sustainable: Practically 'do-able' with a good chance of success and, if applicable, able to be sustained long term.  This includes having local support for the project and may include having plans for long term funding when the grant from the DMF is used up.

For more information, please read the application guide.

Mission fund applications are welcome which help growth across all demographics.  Applications which will enable new worshipping communities, target new disciples from minority ethnic backgrounds and/or target work developing children and young people are particularly encouraged. All applications need to support at least one of the Whole Diocesan shared objectives.  Applications are welcome both for projects that enable new worshipping communities and for those that enrich existing worshipping communities.

How to apply

Grants of less than £500. In 2020 there is a new 'Mustard Seed' fund which welcomes simple applications, at anytime to help kick-start smaller mission projects. These applications will be approved by the Committee Chairs and the Archdeacon Missioner. Typically a decision will be made in a couple of weeks. The application form for mustard seed grants can be found here.

Grants between £500 and £30,000. Grants will be considered at the Diocesan Mission Fund Committee meetings, which are held 4 times a year. Therefore there are 4 windows which are open in which applications will be accepted and reviewed by the Committee.

Application deadlines are: 31st March, 30th June, 31st August and 31st December.

  • Grants between £501 - £2,500 To apply please use the application form found here. Please provide as much detail as you can.
  • Grants between £2,501 - £30,000 To apply for more than £2,501, please use the application form here. This is a more detailed application form, requiring more detail and a project plan in some case. 

All applications will be considered by the Diocesan Mission Fund Committee. Applications for larger amounts will be required to be authorised by Bishop's Council. A time lag should be taken into account when submitting your application

If you would like to talk to someone before making an application, or have any questions about the fund, please contact: jo.hands@coventry.anglican.org.

Feedback reports

Projects which are given grants must report back on how the project has gone. This is done so that:

  • Stories from projects can be used to encourage other people
  • Future applicants can learn from past successes and failures
  • The DMF can explain what the money given to it is used for

Please use this form to complete your reports. Refer to your approval letter which confirms when reports on your project is due.  We do encourage creative ways to report back on your mission project, so please feel free to submit updates in different formats, such as a video presentation.

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