Walking the way of the Cross

Walking the way of the cross

Based on the Stations of the Cross, this resource thinks about preparing and celebrate across our whole lives and the whole lives of those around us. There is a creative community trail, including images designed by pupils at schools in our Diocese to use in many different ways from large banners to short booklets. Parts of this resource are based on the book Walking the way of the cross.

Each part of the resource brings its own thoughts and ideas which can be used alone or built on by using in multiple ways.

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The resource includes

  • 15 images which have been created especially for this pack. These can be accessed digitally for you to use in your own material as you wish. There is also an opportunity to buy a large printed version suitable particularly for use in the community or as church prayer stations.

  • Community trail - Each image has a specific QR code which can link the image to a reflection through your phone. These can be put around the community or church for people to interact with as they explore.

  • Services - Suggestions and resources that follow this theme for small group, personal prayer and services.

  • Collective worship - There are five collective worship plans that can be used or adapted for your own schools and context. They move from humilty and hopelessness to waiting and hope.

  • Family worship - There are five sessions that can be organised and run by a church or by a household themselves. They are very simple and have a variety of different activities for different interests and passions.

This resource has been put together by the Growing Faith team and has been deliberately written so it can be accessed and used by a variety of ages and in different contexts.

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