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Safeguarding Learning and Development Pathway

This framework sets out details of the Church’s safeguarding learning and development pathway, and expectations of Church Officers in respect to those pathways.

To view this guidance via the National Safeguarding Team's wesbite EManual please click - Here 

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Core Safeguarding learning pathways (basic awareness, foundation, leadership and senior leadership) have been developed as a modular programme which builds learning according to role. Therefore, these pathways should be completed in consecutive order until an individual has reached the required highest level of learning for their role. E.G Basic Awareness, followed by Foundation, followed by Leadership.

Additional learning pathways have been developed to further enhance safeguarding knowledge in specific practice areas, or for specific roles.

As previously, refresher training should be completed at a three-yearly interval. Refresher learning should be undertaken at the highest required level for core pathways (basic, foundation, leadership and senior leadership). Additional pathways should also be refreshed on a three-yearly cycle.

Here is a visual overview of how the different pathways work together and how they will be delivered


 Please see table below for a guide of what training is required –

To access the online modules please click - HERE or visit

Safeguarding Training Courses 

Course Name

Delivery Method

Length of course

Basic Awareness

Online via the training portal (and in-person in exceptional circumstances) 

To access this online module please click - HERE

Approx. 75 minutes


Online via the training portal (and in-person in exceptional circumstances)

To access this online module please click HERE

Approx. 90 minutes


Online virtual delivery via zoom

See below or click here for available dates and to register

Two 90 minutes sessions, delivered via zoom.

This course also includes some pre-course work and a reflection task. 

Permission to Officiate

Launching Oct 2023. Dates and deliver option to be announced. 180 minutes

Safer Recruitment and People Management

Online via the training portal 

To access this online module please clickHERE

Approx. 90 minutes 

Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse

Online via the training portal (and in-person in exceptional circumstances) 

To access this online module please click - HERE

We are aware that for some completing the course online in their own home is not wise or safe. To arrange to attend an in-person course – Please email

If you are worried that any training about Domestic Abuse may retraumatise or trigger you then please do reach out to Sophie Spraggett via email or on 07398186353 to discuss alternative solutions.

Approx. 90 minutes
Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction 

Online virtual delivery via zoom. To book a space on an upcoming PSO induction course listed below , please email

  • Mon 2nd Oct 2023 - 7-9pm
  • Thurs 7th Dec 2023 - 7-9pm
120 minutes.


Safeguarding Leadership Dates - Booking Links

Please click on the dates below to book to your preferred leadership training course. You must be able to attend both sessions 1 and 2 of the course in order to pass the course.

Before attending the safeguarding leadership course you are required to read read the 'conversation culture cube' and answer some reflective questions. These questions should be sent to Sophie Spraggett at least 4 days before session 1 of the training. You can download the workbook containing the questions below. If you would like to be sent these documents as an email or in the post then please email

Delegate Workbook Download - Click Here

Culture Conversation Cube Download - Click Here

Mon 2nd Oct & 16th Oct 2023- 2.00 - 3.30

Thurs 12th Oct & 26th Oct 2023- 10.00-11.30 

Fri 20th Oct & 3rd Nov 2023- 11.00-12.30 

Tues 24th Oct & 7th Nov 2023- 3.00 - 4.30

Mon 6th Nov & 20th Nov 2023- 7.00 - 8.30

Thurs 16th Nov & 30th Nov 2023- 2.00-3.00

Fri 24th Nov & 8th Dec 2023- 10.30 - 12.00

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