Racial Justice Sunday 2024

Racial Justice Sunday is coming up on the 11th February. Neil Masih, our diocesan Intercultural Mission Enabler, writes about this year's theme and the resources available.

This year the focus for Racial Justice Sunday is the plight of refugees around the world, with a particular focus on those who are fleeing persecution and how they are welcomed into the countries that they arrive in. Our role as Christians in this is significant as illustrated in the second commandment "Love your neighbour as yourself" (Mark 12.30-31 NIV) and welcoming the stranger into our land: "The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 19:34 NIV).

We can easily be drawn into the varying views on refugees that can fill our minds but it is important to remember the people behind the suffering and torment. Imagine having to flee your home, possessions, jobs, families and in some cases all this whilst suffering bereavement. This is often compelled with the uncertainty of not knowing where your next destination is and having to rely on aid agencies to provide you with food and shelter.

The Bible guides us through scripture to recognise that we are all made in the image of God and this is not dependent on where an individual is born or arrives from. The unjust acts of violence, prejudice, hatred, discrimination and war all contribute to people seeking refuge in safer places. Jesus himself was a refugee moving from Bethlehem to Egpyt following the decree from Herod. We have duty to those in need through the love of Jesus and we can do this through prayer, reflection and by reaching out to those in our communities and welcoming them into our church families.


Racial Justice Sunday resources are provided by Churches Together in Britain & Ireland and are available for use to you for reflection and worship on Racial Justice Sunday.  They are available here.

The resources include:

  • Prayer
  • Worship Resources
  • Thanksgiving
  • Sermons
  • Confession/ Assurance
  • Hymns & Worship Songs

An additional resource for consideration is After the Flood: The Church, Slavery and Reconciliation (67mins duration)

The documentary shows how the 18th century Church became embroiled in chattel slavery. We discover how the Church justified its involvement in the trade and its lasting impact. The film concludes with what this means for Christian reconciliation today. This could be useful to view in a group followed by a group discussion and the link for the documentary is included here:

Prayer for refugees:

Almighty and merciful God,
whose Son became a refugee and had no place to call his own;
look with mercy on those who today are fleeing from danger,
homeless and hungry.
Bless those who work to bring them relief;
inspire generosity and compassion in all our hearts;
and guide the nations of the world towards that day when all will rejoice in your Kingdom of justice and of peace;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Neil Masih
Intercultural Mission Enabler

First published on: 31st January 2024
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