Info for parishes


The safeguarding team provides professional advice and training to support our parishes and the Cathedral. Find out more on these pages. 

Race Equality
On this section of the website you will find information about our work on race equality and resources for you to use. 

The diocesan finance team handles all matters of finance, and some areas of diocesan administration and governance

Church Buildings (DAC)
On these pages you will be able to find advice on a whole range of topics that relate to caring for and developing your church building

Reporting serious incidents 
All PCCs are charities and therefore they are required to report any Serious Incidents (both safeguarding and non-safeguarding) to the Charity Commission. 

Diocesan Environment Group

The DEG keeps pace with developments within the scientific community over climate change and issues surrounding biodiversity, and encourages the Diocesan response to the intention of the Church of England to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2030. 


Each church within the diocese will act as their own legal entity and each PPC needs to adhere to the rulings of GDPR.


Lay Retreat Grant 

The Lay Retreat Grant is available to all non-licenced communicant members of Anglican churches in the Diocese of Coventry. Each person is permitted a grant of up to £120 per year.

Together for Change

Together for Change is a charitable joint venture between the Diocese of Coventry and the Church Urban Fund to resource and equip churches to transform their communities and tackle issues of systemic poverty. 

Living in Love & Faith

The aim of the Living in Love and Faith project is to help the whole Church to learn how relationships, marriage and sexuality fit within the bigger picture of a humanity created in the image of God.

Difference Course

Difference is a 5 session course for you to run exploring following Jesus in a conflicted world.

Energy Footprint Tool

The easy-to-use Energy Footprint Tool will tell your church what your "carbon footprint" is, based on the energy you use to heat and light your buildings.

Digital Charter 

The Church of England's Digital Charter is a voluntary pledge to help make social media and the web more widely positive places for conversations to happen. 

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