A huge amount of Diocesan life and business takes place in meetings of representatives and volunteers, known as Synods, Boards and Committees. Here you will find an introduction to these groups and what they do. 

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General Synod, Diocesan Synod and Deanery Synods

The General Synod, Diocesan Synods and Deanery Synods were created by the Synodical Government Measure 1969. Nationally, clergy and laity from every Diocese meet as the General Synod, which is something like the 'parliament' of the Church of England. Contact details for the members of General Synod from Coventry Diocese can be found here.

The Diocesan Synod brings together clergy and lay members from all of the Diocese's eleven deaneries. Please click here for more information on the Diocesan Synod.

More locally, each deanery has a Deanery Synod, which is made up of clergy from the deanery and representatives from every parish.

Bishop's Council

Bishop's Council is the senior committee of the Diocese. It is the Standing Committee of the Diocesan Synod, its members are the Trustees and Directors of the Coventry Diocesan Board of Finance and it is also the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee.  Please click here for more information on the Bishop's Council.

Coventry Diocesan Board of Education

The Diocesan Board of Education's aims are to promote education in the Diocese consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England, particularly in church schools. 

Diocesan Mission Fund Committee

This Committee gives advice to applicants and makes decisions about applications to the Diocesan Mission Fund. Please click here for more information on the Diocesan Mission Fund.

Parsonages Committee

This Committee is responsible for the provision, improvement and repair of the houses occupied by most of the clergy in the Diocese.

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)

The DAC's role is to give advice to PCCs and to the Diocesan Chancellor when changes or repairs to church buildings are being considered. 

Diocesan Trustees

The Diocesan Trustees' main role is to hold property and trusts on behalf of PCCs, and also to administer some charitable funds. They are a registered charity, no. 249165. Please click here for more information, and to contact the Diocesan Trustees.

Other Committees

Audit & Risk Committee 
The Audit Committee’s duties include considering the appointment of Auditors and making a recommendation for their appointment to the Bishop's Council, reviewing the Coventry Diocesan Board of Finance's annual report and accounts and monitoring the Board of Finance's internal control systems and risk management processes. 
Business Committee 
The Business Committee's functions are to be the agenda and appointments committee on behalf of the Bishop’s Council and to review the overall structure of Diocesan bodies.
Conditions of Employment Group 
The main task of the Conditions of Employment Group is setting the terms and conditions of employment of all staff employed by the Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd.
Diocesan Board of Patronage 
The Board of Patronage is the patron for a small number of benefices in the Diocese. Its only work is to play a part in the appointment of new clergy to those parishes.
Diocesan Environment Group 
The role of the Diocesan Environmental Group is to strive to take seriously and responsibly our God-given vocation to care for the earth and to demonstrate that care among those with whom we share our lives; and inspires churches to do the same.
Diocesan Finance Group 
The main purposes of the Diocesan Finance Group ("DFG") are to monitor the central finances of the Diocese on behalf of the Bishop's Council, and advises the Bishop’s Council in its role as the Directors of the Diocesan Board of Finance on matters of finance.  The DFG also considers applications for Church Fabric Fund grants.
The Investment Sub-Committee of the DFG has particular responsibility for overseeing the DBF's investments.
Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee 
The Bishop's Council is also DMPC. Please refer to the section on the Bishop's Council (above).
Glebe Committee 
The Diocesan Glebe Committee is responsible to the Diocesan Board of Finance for the management of the Diocesan glebe, for the benefit of the Diocesan Stipends Fund.
Vacancy in See Committee 
The "See of Coventry" is the post held by the Bishop of Coventry. This Committee only meets when the post of the Bishop of Coventry is (or is about to be) vacant. Its duties are to prepare a statement and provide information about the Diocese and to elect some of its members to the Crown Nominations Commission.


All DBF staff, trustees and committee members are required to complete an annual Declaration of Interest. An invitation is sent to all who need to complete a declaration, for more information please see the DBF Conflict of Interest Policy.


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