City Praise and Prayer

On Sunday 15 May, for the first time, the City Praise & Prayer Team is collaborating with Nexus ICA to host City Praise & Prayer in Coventry’s famous Cathedral Ruins. 

City Praise & Prayer first began in 2013. Over the last nine years, it has been drawing Christians together twice a year from across Coventry and the surrounding region, to worship together and to pray with one voice for the Kingdom of God to come in Coventry and beyond. Before the pandemic, the gatherings have took place at the Welcome Centre, the home of CLM (Christian Life Ministries), a Pentecostal church in the city. In 2020 and 2021, the gatherings took place online. Each occasion has attracted between 600 and 1000 Christians drawn from between 50 and 80 different congregations in and around the city of Coventry.  

For the first time on Sunday 15 May at 6.30pm, City Praise and Prayer will be taking place in the heart of the city, the Cathedral Ruins.

The gathering is free but ticketed. Get your tickets from the City Praise and Prayer website.

First published on: 29th April 2022
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