24 hours for Tigray

On the 9-10th March a global lobby is being held to highlight the growing humanitarian crisis in Tigray and the need for a solution to be found to bring the atrocities to end. The Bishop of Coventry is joining an international coalition of speakers raising awareness of this crisis.

Since November 2020 Tigray has faced a war between the federal government of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. Over 1,000,000 people have been internally displaced as a result of the conflict. Acts of violence against ethnic and religious groups in Tigray have been perpetrated with up to 700 people killed in a massacre at Axum, the destruction of the Debre Damo church and the al-Nejashi mosque. The UN has warned of an impending food crisis in the region as humanitarian aid access has been restricted or stopped altogether, with the situation expected to get worse before it gets better.

More information on 24 Hours for Tigray can be found at: www.24hours-for-tigray.org

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First published on: 8th March 2021
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