Posada at home

Ideas: Each household or school class creates or is sent their 'Posada family'. Traditionally this happens between the 16th and 24th December but it can be done over different lengths and times. On the first day the Posada family is welcomed and there is a Bible passage, questions to discuss, a craft activity and an outside activity linked to the theme and a short closing prayer. What and how you do it can be adapted depending on the time you have and the people taking part. This can be done entirely offline, but it can also be started with a online gathering of all the houses participating or have a video/online bit each day.

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  • At home or in school - it could be organised by the church or done independantly.

Making it missional:

  • Run it for your local schools as collective worship.
  • Invite school families and advertise invitations across the community.
  • Encourage people to join in and share their photos on their social media and on any church social media. 

Different ages:

  • Children - This is set up with different ages in mind. This means the wording is simple and that there are different activity options for each session to suit different children and what will engage them.
  • Teenagers and young adults - You may wish to adapt questions if they are primarily for this age group or older, but they may work well depending on your context. There are activities, you may wish to do some of these, skip this bit or change them.
  • Adults - As above.

Adapting to spaces or rules:

  • If you are dropping of resource bags ensure they have been made several days in advance and there is hand sanitisation after every drop off.
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