Nativity photoshoot

Ideas: Set up a simple frame of a stable. It could be a simple outline, it could include silhouettes of a manger. It could be plain or you could decorate it with pictures, Bible passages or names that Jesus is given. Station it outside, somewhere easily accessible and invite people to come and take their photo in the screen. You could invite people to come dressed up for their photo.


  • Outside and easily accessible for the public.

Making it missional:

  • Encourage people to join in using social media and publicise it in the local area and on your church.
  • Encourage people to share their photos. Invite people to add them to your church's or community's Facebook page. Perhaps you could have a # for your church e.g. #standrewsnativity2022
  • Have a simple question to encourage thinking.

Different ages:

  • You could hide images of nativity characters around the churchyard or area and share a printable page for children to tally or mark which ones they can find.

Adapting to spaces:

  • You could incorporate this with another event or service that is taking place.
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