Twelve Days of Christmas

Ideas: Twelve images with accompanying passages telling the story of Jesus' birth from the gospel of Luke. Below are some ideas for how to use these. Where possible, if you are sharing these images include the full words of the passage, not just the verse reference, so that people can read the story. 

  • Share an image and part of the passage daily on social media (instagram, facebook, twitter)
  • Print and display in your window
  • Use as prayer stations around your church or at home
  • Print into a booklet to share

Click on the day to download each image. 

Day 1

Passage: Luke 1: 26b-28
Image: Angel

Day 2

Passage: Luke 1:29-38
Image: Pregnancy test

Day 3

Passage: Luke 1:39-45
Image: Baby Sonogram

Day 4

Passage: Luke 1: 46-56
Image: Mary

Day 5

Passage: Luke 1:57-66
Image: John the Baptist

Day 6

Passage: Luke 1:67-80
Image: Sheet music

Day 7

Passage: Luke 2:1-5
Image: Ceasar Augustus

Day 8

Passage: Luke 2:6-7
Image: No Vacancy

Day 9

Passage: Luke 2:8-11
​​​​​​​Image: Shepherds at night

Day 10

Passage: Luke 2:11-12
Image: Manger with crown

Day 11

Passage: Luke 2:13-14
​​​​​​​Image: Angels and Shepherds

Day 12

Passage: Luke 2:15-21
​​​​​​​Image: Shepherds with Jesus


  • Online - Share an image a day through social media
  • At home - Reflect on the image and passage for each day, display the image in your window
  • In church - Use as prayer stations.

Making it missional:

  • Share on social media or in front windows to start a conversation with friends and neighbours

Different ages: 

  • The pictures work for most ages, although some may need explanation for younger children
  • Using shorter sections of passage each day helps keep the story manageable for those who find it harder to concentrate or to read big chunks of text.




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