Star bombing

Ideas: Buy/gather/make lots of stars (or angels or other shape) and put them all out around your local community the night before the last day of school or the 23rd December. Then broadcast what you have done on social media or through community and school newsletters etc. People go exploring to find an angel/ star for their home. People are encouraged to share images of where they have found them and where they put them up.


  • In your local community. Only place in public places.

Making it missional:

  • Publicise it widely on social media, through schools, community centre windows etc as a gift to those who find them.
  • Share any events or services you have over Christmas. You can do this through your social media about it or attaching the information to the angels. What you publicise might affect when you choose to do it.

Different ages:

  • People who have shared about doing this previously have talked about the joy it has brought to all ages of people who have come across them and taken something home with them.

Adapting to spaces:

  • If you are sealing them or adding details ensure that is done at least three days before scattering them.
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