Filming the Nativity

Idea: Ask members of your congregation and groups to film different parts of the nativity story that can be put together and played for everyone. Filming can be done on a phone (but make sure you tell people to do it in landscape) and they can be stitched together. It can be incredibly simple or choreographed as much as you wish. Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask each household involved to dress up as the characters and simply film them moving. Sheep could be running around a field, wise men could be walking down a path etc. The idea is that it is clear what they are, but there is no need to persuade younger children (or adults) to do an exact thing. The videos are put in order and the story is read over the top. Just make sure you have a long enough clip of each bit.
  • Ask people to record them acting out the part. You could split the story beteen the people filming and they come together as one story.
  • If you have someone who can work with sound from different places you might include spoken parts for the characters but the narration separately between.
  • Ask people to take a video dressed up in the characters they represent. Record to story and have the right photo on during their part. You could ask them to create different scenes of the story
  • Instead of the nativity do a Christmas drama, song or something else.


  • Recorded by households. This can be shown in online or physical services or incorporated into a home worship resource.

Making it missional:

  • Chose your version of the story carefully. You could could add a very very short message at the end to say why this story is so important. The video could be shared by itself as a short Christmas video.
  • Invite people who are connected to the church but may not be Sunday attenders to be involved too.

Different ages:

  • Get all ages involved in different ways. People are missing one another and this is a great way for people to see each other.

Adapting to spaces or rules:

  • Make sure you have the relevant permissions from people/parents who are in the video. They should know exactly where it will be shown or posted and sent written consent for it to be used in that way.
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