Ideas: The Children's Society have developed lots of resources that you can use in different ways. Here are a few:

  • Online Christingle service - Ideas and resources to run a service live or pre-recording for your local school or community. 
  • Craft bags - Including all the elements of the Christingle to be sent into schools or homes for people to build their Christingle during your service. Alternatively you could send it with a simple service plan and readings for households to lead together.
  • Christingle service in church - There are resources and helpful ides to think through how a distanced service could work within your church.
  • Christingle Trail - A QR trail which has been organised with Muddy Church that encourages people to get outside and explore while discovering the Christingle message. Click here.

Click here to visit their main website.


  • Online - Live or pre-recorded straight to your school or community.
  • At home - Sending bags or resources home to help people join in with an online service or celebrate in their household.
  • In church 

Making it missional:

  • Offer it as a service for schools.
  • Publicise you service in the community.

Different ages:

  • Make it tactile. Build in the making of the Christingle into your service so the instructions and message come together.
  • Consider offering it to a care home for the elderly or people with special needs nearby. It is tactile and interactive which can be really helpful.


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