Diocesan family join together to explore God's faithfulness

Window of Thankfulness in the Cathedral Ruins

Last month, members of the Diocesan family gathered together in person for the first time since 2020 to explore God’s faithfulness through various prayer stations and activities at Coventry Cathedral.

The event entitled ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’ started with the Litany of Reconciliation in the Cathedral Ruins followed by a series of prayer stations in three zones. The first zone focused on looking back over the past 18 months. The ‘Window of Thankfulness’ prayer station gave participants the opportunity to write the names of people who have helped them during the pandemic on luggage labels and then tie these labels onto the window in the ruins whilst saying a prayer of thanks. A quiet space was available in the chapel of Christ in Gethsemane to remember those we missed or lost.

Zone two was a reminder of God’s faithfulness through the good and the bad. In the nave of the cathedral there was a labyrinth which people could follow whilst holding a piece of string. As they walked they tied knots in the string to represent problems they are facing and then offered these problems up to God.

The last zone looked at how we respond the God’s faithfulness generously and share what we have with others. Participants were invited to pause and think about what they could pledge to share with others and write these on a piece of paper and put into a carboy container.

Prayers wrtten on the stone steps in chalk 

Great is Thy Faithfulness closed with a Eucharist led by Bishop Christopher, his first time leading a diocesan service since his sabbatical.

As well as bringing the diocesan family together again, the event also provided the opportunity for visitors to the Cathedral and passers-by to engage with the prayer stations, Litany and Eucharist and find out more about God and the Christian faith.

If you would like to come along to future diocesan events and courses, check out the Equip Hub for the latest updates about what is going on. 

First published on: 7th October 2021
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