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On this page you’ll find links to some resources from the Diocesan Training Partnership. 

2013 Bishop's Study Morning Resources

Name Description Download
"Simply Jesus" Summary
11th Jan 2013
A summary of Tom Wright's "Simply Jesus" by Richard Cooke. Download File

Bishop's Study Morning handout
14th Jan 2013
A handout from the Bishop's Study Morning (Monday 14 January 2013) about Tom Wright's "Simply Jesus" book. Download File

Introducing "Simply Jesus"
14th Jan 2013
A short introduction to "Simply Jesus" by Richard Cooke. Download File


2013 Vocations Roadshow

Name Description Download
Vocations Roadshow Presentation
29th Jul 2013
PowerPoint slides from the July 2013 Vocations Roadshow. Download File


Alcester Minster Review 2009

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Alcester Minster Review 2009
22nd Jan 2010
In late April 2009 Bishop Christopher asked a small task group to conduct a review of Alcester Minster. The brief was an open one expressed as follows:
I am very interested in the Minster model and would very much like to learn what the Diocese as a whole may learn from the Alcester experiment. At the same time, I would like to know how far the original vision has been realized and whether the constitution and plans for development proved to be workable.
The members of the task group were: Richard Cooke, Director of Discipleship Development in the Diocese of Coventry and Associate Minister in the Edgehill Benefice; Alan Reilly, a retired teacher and Churchwarden of St Laurence, Shotteswell; and Wendy Shaddick, a teacher and member of the Ministry Leadership Team in the Heart of England parishes. Richard and Alan were invited to participate by Bishop Christopher, while Wendy was nominated by the Deanery Pastoral Committee.
Download File


Thinking about Theology

Name Description Download
'If Religion is so dangerous, what shall we do about religionists? The Dawkins Debate'
29th Feb 2008
I like a good intellectual scrap and looked forward to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. But I must admit that it disappointed me. I found it not, as I had expected, an intelligent and sophisticated invitation to atheism, but rather a bundle of prejudices and feeble arguments which often depend on anecdotal punch-lines for their conclusions. Yet it has been a best-seller and had wide media exposure. The book evidently had the same effect on John Cornwell, who gave a fascinating response to Dawkins' views to a packed chaplaincy at Warwick University last Monday evening. Download File

A Biblical View of History and Historians
11th Jun 2007
'Past Times' is a chain of shops which in the past few years have expanded in High Streets and Shopping Centres across England. The shops offer an authentic postmodern experience of history. The goods are drawn from every period of the past; there is no sense of the integrity of any one period or style, or of any one story to be told. You can pick and choose and rearrange the pieces in any order or way that you like. It is the commercial equivalent of the way in which, as Beverley Southgate says, some 'historians roam freely over the past, mingling "fact" with "fiction".' 'Past Times' encapsulates the postmodern approach to the past. Download File

A Theology of Humour?
9th Jun 2010
'Laughter is the best medicine' the Reader's Digest used to say, unless of course, as Woody Allen pointed out, you're diabetic, in which case insulin really does hit the spot better. What is the role of humour in the Bible and the Church? As we explore this issue, a good place to start is the Book of Esther. Download File

Be Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind
11th Jun 2007
Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is -- his good, pleasing and perfect will. Rom 12:1-2 (NIV) Download File

11th Oct 2010
A paper on Discipleship by Revd Canon Dr Richard Cooke, Principal of the Diocesan Training Partnership. Download File

Models of Parochial Ministry Study Day
5th Feb 2010
This report on our second study day held to explore contemporary development in parochial ministry represents both the thinking about and the concrete application of that thinking. Much of what is happening is provisional and exploratory but unless we try new models and reflect on them carefully we will not know how to mould future developments. It is our hope that this will stimulate further thinking which will lead to yet more action. Download File

Moving into the Unknown: the Bible, History and Postmodernity
11th Jun 2007
The four verses which comprise the preface to Luke's gospel are the only discussion of historiographical methodology and purpose in the New Testament. In this paper I want to carry out a clearly focused investigation into that preface, in the course of which I hope that we shall see themes emerge which impinge directly on the debate about history-writing in the postmodern situation. In that debate, doubt is often cast over whether we can know anything about the past. 'Moving into the unknown' is an appropriate phrase for doubts cast over the accessibility of the past, both in the first and twenty-first centuries AD. This is the question which Luke addresses in the preface to his gospel. Download File

Not Hurrying On - RSThomas the last country parson
11th Jun 2007
The poem 'The Bright Field' will serve as a focus for what I want to say, under three main headings. The first is the sense of journey. In the poem, Thomas is travelling. On the way he sees and notices the bright field, but passes by. So first we shall examine the story of RSThomas's life and work. Download File

Pannenberg on Ministry
11th Jun 2007
In doing theology, each theologian...must do it within his or her own context, while seeking not to be caught in the particularity of that context but to express what can claim universal truth. Download File

SCM Core Text: New Testament
12th Oct 2009
The 'SCM Core Text: New Testament' by Revd Dr Richard Cooke was published at the end of September. The file gives more details about the contents of the book - copies are available from all good bookshops (or Amazon)! Download File

SCM Core Text: New Testament Flyer
29th Oct 2009
The 'SCM Core Text: New Testament' by Revd Dr Richard Cooke was published at the end of September. This is a flyer advertising the book - copies are available from all good bookshops (or Amazon)! Download File

Spirituality, History and Theology
11th Jun 2007
Historians today are increasingly aware of the dangers of `patronising the past`. The past should be studied on its own terms, they believe, within its own frames of reference. Previous generations may have thought about matters in ways different to our own, but that does not mean that they were wrong. Genuine history should seek to enter, as far as is possible, the world-view of the society being studied, including its understanding of spirituality. Download File

The Church in the City
11th Jun 2007
'Your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams' (Acts 2:17)
John Dawson once said that 'an anointed imagination is the eye of faith.' (Taking our Cities for God (Word 1989) p.55). Imagining and dreaming matter a great deal with God, especially for leaders, I believe; they are spiritual disciplines which we have neglected. Allowing the Holy Spirit to work in those parts of our minds which dare to dream and imagine a future radically different to the past is crucial. In so many churches creativity has been stifled and imagination tamed. So what would you dare to dream for your city? Think of the great visions of John in Revelation, of the new Jerusalem. Dream, for a moment, with the person next to you, of what God wants this city to be.
Download File

The Prospects for Providence
11th Jun 2007
What is the role of historical writing from a Christian perspective as we enter a new Christian millennium? Download File

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