There are a lot of videos available about Easter. It can take a long time to trawl through and find the ones that you need. We hope this small selection offers you a starting point and there is something for you.

Divine comedy

An Easter poem by Glen Scrivener.


Easter, A True Story

A four part series by LUMO Project that uses the biblical text as its script.

Click here for part two and part three.


The Bible Project

The Bible Project, make animated videos that explore the books and themes of the Bible as part of an overarching story. They have produced both the crucifixion and the resurrection as part of their series.

Click here for the resurrection video.


The Bible Society

The 2021 video 'All about Easter: A resurrection rhyme' is coming soon. For more details of the video and supporting resources, click here. But while you are waiting, do check out their previous videos (Searching 'Bible Society Easter' will bring up several in Youtube), including this one:



Christian Vision

These are very short videos that can work really well in a variety of ways.