Thursday 27 August

Thought for the day from Jill Tucker

‘The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you.’  2 Cor. 13:13

These are the familiar, stupendous words with which Paul closes his letter to a troubled Church; with them we pray for and bless each other.

  • May you know the grace of Christ – where our very Christian being begins. Grace is God’s unconditional love poured upon us, no strings, free of charge. It does not depend on what we have done for God, but on what he has done for us, and will do in us and through us. It reminds us that God rejoices when one of his lost children has been found – all we have to do is cry out for help. It is the grace of Christ, because in him God’s grace became human. And yet we find it so hard to accept it: we pray that we will be open to receive God’s grace.
  • May you know God’s love. To know that one is truly, deeply loved by a God whose love is without limit is to know the power of that love. It pours into us courage and strength, resilience and resources, peace and transformation. His love accepts us as we are, and flows through us to embrace the world around us. With Paul, as we look around the room, we pray that each of us should know and be filled to overflowing with this love that surpasses knowledge. 
  • May you know the fellowship of the Holy Spirit: may you have the deepest possible relationship with God himself and with each other, as members of Jesus’ close family. We are a mixed bunch, ordinary and damaged, yet each uniquely special to God, precious and honoured. We need each other.  We need encouragement, support, and correction.  We need community and somebody to care for us; people who understand us, with whom we are united by a common purpose, to live out the will of the Father.  

We pray: fill us Lord, to allow us to be you to each other, in both giving and receiving.

Through prayer we begin to see each other through God’s eyes: with the words of The Grace, may we understand what it means for him to give us his grace, love and fellowship.

The Revd Canon Jill Tucker is the Dean of Self Supporting Ministry