Safeguarding foundation module

The aim of this module is to situate safeguarding in the context of the Church, and equip participants with knowledge of state and Church of England legislation, policies, and practise guidance.

Who is this training for?

Foundation Safeguarding Module covers the essential basics of safeguarding children and adults. This module is for:

  • Everyone who works with children (under 18) or adults who are vulnerable
  • Parish Safeguarding Officers
  • Churchwardens
  • People in a position of responsibility or leadership within the church
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about safeguarding in the Church

This module is also the refresher course for those who have completed the Foundation Safeguarding Module (previously called C1) three years ago, and have not been required to go onto the Leadership Module. Prior to coming on the course everyone must complete the basic training. This can be completed on line or in a face to face training with Parish Safeguarding Officers. See here for more information.

What does this module cover?

The session lasts two and a half hours and covers:

  • Challenges of safeguarding in the church environment
  • Latest information about safeguarding
  • Why safeguarding is important
  • How, who and from what we safeguard people
  • How to respond if we are concerned

The module incorporates exercises and case studies.

How do I book a place?

This module is free of charge; however, places are limited and participants MUST book a place. For information on upcoming courses please email