January Courses

This January, our Learning Mentor for need-oriented Outreach will be co-Hosting two short courses online courses with Michael Harvey.

Michael is a skilled evangelist and a member of the Archbishops Council of Evangelists. He has co-founded Back to Church Sunday, National Weekend of Invitation and has authored Unlocking the Growth and Creating a culture of Invitation.

Both courses are free of charge. If you would like to sign up or find out more information please contact Gareth on: 07757225001 or email: gareth.fitzpatrick@coventry.anglican.org . Numbers on both courses are limited.


Starting this Thursday 14th January at 7:30pm; 21st & 28th on Zoom

In his book Christianity Rediscovered missiologist Vincent Donovan says that we often make the mistake of thinking that we are taking God with us into a situation. This is incorrect, God is already there. Our job as believers is to find out what God is already doing and join Him in that conversation. ACORN is a spiritual process that helps us to practically engage with those around us and to discern what God is already doing.

 For more info see video ACORN in the time of virus - YouTube


Starting Tuesday 26th January at 7:30pm, 2nd February & 9th on Zoom

If I asked you to sum up 2020, I can imagine that it would take long for somebody to suggest  ‘stressful’ The truth is that regardless of a pandemic, stress  is something that sooner or later will become part of our lives. As followers of Jesus what can we learn about how we faces the inevitable stresses of life. During the three sessions we will explore this by reflecting on how Jesus faced the ultimate stress in the Garden of Gethsemane.

For more info see here.