Sunday services

Many churches, both large and small, are finding new ways of connecting with their local communities through the streaming of church services from home.

Churches are being encouraged to publicise their services in two ways:

Sunday Services


  • Sunday Morning Live is on BBC1 at 10.30 am and then is available at 11.10 am on BBC iPlayer. Sally Phillips and Sean Fletcher take a look at the week's talking points and explore the ethical and religious issues of the day.
  • Songs of Praise is on BBC One at 1.15 pm and then is available on BBC iPlayer at 1.55 pm. Aled Jones visits Cheddar Gorge in Somerset to hear the origins of the hymn Rock of Ages, while Gemma Hunt meets worship leader Martin Smith and new Christian group Bright City.


  • BBC Radio 2 is broadcasting Good Morning Sunday at 6.00 am. As he turns 80, Cliff Richard reflects on his life and career with the Rev Kate Bottley and Jason Mohammad, from his first guitar to 250 million records sold. With Pause for Thought at 6.30.
  • BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting Sunday Worship at 8.10 am. A celebration of the eucharist, live from Croydon Minster, on the Feast of St Luke, patron saint of physicians. As well as being the author of the gospel that bears his name - and of the Acts of the Apostles - St Luke was also a physician. His feast day within the Church is particularly significant this year as it falls during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It provides an opportunity to give thanks for those who work in healthcare, and to call to mind those who continue to struggle with the effects of the virus in their own lives, and in the lives of others. The celebrant is the Rev Canon Dr Andrew Bishop (Priest-in-Charge, Croydon Minster), and the preacher is Bishop Precious Omuku. 
  • BBC Radio 3 is broadcasting Choral Evensong at 3.00 pm from Canterbury Cathedral.  
  • Radio Plus is broadcasting David Stone's faith show from 7 am to 11 am - at 10.00 am.  You can listen at 101.5FM or on the Radio Plus website

Streamed Services   

The following list is a small sample of the wide range of streaming services:

  • Coventry Cathedral will be live-streaming a Eucharist service on their Facebook page at 10.30 am  (liturgical service)
  • St Mark's Church, Coventry will be live-streaming a service at 10.30 am on their YouTube Channel (informal, relaxed service)
  • St Paul's Church, Leamington Spa will be streaming a service at 10.30 am on their Facebook page and on their Youtube channel  

This week's featured service

  • St Peter's Church, Kineton will be streaming Morning Worship at 10.30 am on their Youtube Channel (liturgical services) 

The full list of live-streamed services in Coventry and Warwickshire can be found on a dedicated section of A Church Near You.

Other services can also be found on the Church of England website.