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Church Army

Church Army provides an opportunity for committed Christians in the Anglican Communion to enter into a specific ministry of evangelism. and in particular and exclusively on pioneering fresh expressions of church. It concluded its review in 2003-4 that ‘Church Army Evangelists need to be working outside church buildings and church culture, sitting loosely to it, working with those who have little or no meaningful relationship with the church, discovering ways of creating fresh and relevant expressions of Christian community. It is anticipated that there will be a variety of ways of doing this resulting both from the variety of mission contexts and from the breadth of Church Army experience and theological understanding’.  The Church Army Evangelist may be stipendiary or non stipendiary.


Selection and training

A candidate may be referred to Church Army from the Diocesan Vocations Advisers or may apply directly to the Candidates Secretary of the Church Army. They will complete an application form and on receiving the form the Candidates Secretary of the Church Army will contact the  diocese in the shape of the DDO for an interview report on a candidate. There will be interviews at regional level and with the Candidates’ secretary, culminating in a residential Selection Conference. There are criteria for selection.



Church Army provides flexible training appropriate to the experience and circumstances of the candidate.  This varies from individualised programmes,  to mixed mode or  to 2-3 year residential courses.


Further information

Church Army offer two Vocations Weekends per year.


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