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The Coventry Diocesan Training Partnership

The Diocesan Training Partnership (DTP) was inaugurated by Bishop Christopher on Saturday 2 October 2010. The DTP is just at the initial stages of its set-up, so watch this space!


Look here if you want to find out more about the DTP.


When Jesus entered Galilee and called together his disciples (learners), he initiated a learning-educational process as the vehicle for discipleship and ministry. The learning was not, however, primarily the acquisition of information but initiation into a way of seeing and relating in a wholly new way. The learners are not passive receptacles for the teaching of others but active participants in the learning process. The learning is dynamic and interactive. Above all it is relational. Jesus followers were called above all to be with him in a process that is closer to action and reflection than any formal study. Only in this way does Christian learning become not merely information but formation, in which the whole person is reshaped after the likeness of Christ.  The church has preferred to speak of ‘learning’ rather than ‘education’ to emphasis this dynamic relational process which locates the primary responsibility for the learning process not with the teacher, but with the learner. This also values the individual and the experiences and learning that they bring with them. It follows that the model of good adult education will be dynamic, participative and holistic, even though formal as well as informal learning methods may be used.


The Church of England is encouraging dioceses to provide for ‘education for discipleship’ alongside its provision for vocational learning and training for different ministries. This recognises that home, school and culture in general can no longer be relied upon to carry the Christian story. The church has to do more to encourage and equip all Christians to grow in their discipleship, be equipped to think about their Christian faith in the light of the whole of their life, including work and to be able to engage in critical issues as they arise where the values and beliefs of the Christian faith are contested.  The vision behind this programme is that dioceses would provide some simple, non-bookish, do-it-yourself studies as stepping stones leading to other learning options and in particular to a foundation programme which would also be a good basis for people wishing to consider one of the church’s lay or ordained ministries. However the foundation programme would be available primarily to support and develop the discipleship of every follower of Christ.


The ‘education for discipleship’ programme is under discussion in the diocese at the moment. Please keep an eye on this web page for further details.


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