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Welcome to the ministry web pages. We hope you will be able to find what you are looking for and discover new and interesting dimensions of ministry that will provoke your own thought and action.


Ministry is foundational for the work of worship and mission in human society.  It concerns identifying, equipping, commissioning and resourcing people for the particular ministry that God has in mind for each one of us. It is rooted in baptism and in God’s own pledge to us to gift us for the ministry that God calls us into, never in isolation but in tandem with other Christians whether in the local church, community or workplace.


The excitement and privilege of ministry can easily be lost when the word is used too loosely. For this reason it is probably best to think of all baptised persons as potential ministers. To be a minister then means someone who is not self-appointed but called out and recognised by others. It means someone who is prepared to do some learning and preparation at whatever level is required. And finally, a minister is a person who acts not on their own behalf but on behalf of others and is accountable to others for his or her ministry. These three: Vocation, Learning and Accountability will feature in these web pages.


The pages will show the range of ministries that are being encouraged within the church, together with the resources for learning and growing both as a Christian disciple and as a person with a ministry.


Please contact us if you need further help!


Revd Canon Dr Richard Cooke

Principal of the Diocesan Training Partnership & Diocesan Director of Ordinands


Tel:  024 7652 1316

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