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Serving people in work and out of work


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Andrew Roberts




Lost Your Job Leaflet

The current financial situation is bringing unprecedented concerns to people in their working lives, whether it is threrats to their jobs, problems with debt, or simply stress over how the credit crunch is threatening or changing the situation at work.  Working people spend a large proportion of their energy on their work. As Christians we want to bring God into our work life and support ways of doing that.


WORKCARE (which used to be known as Mission in the World of Work) has as its vision
to bring the love of Christ to the workplace in two ways: 


1.  By encouraging ordinary Christians and their churches to see the importance of work life in the daily ministry of each Christian.
2.  By recruiting and maintaining chaplains in a number of workplaces, including industry, commerce and the emergency services.
3.  We are also involved in encouraging Christians from the workplace and those who are facing or have experienced redundancy.
4. Since the recent recession and general financial downturn, we have put considerable effort to support and encourage churches in their work with those seeking employment through job clubs and initiatives targetted at other groups such as graduates and people mid or late career.
Paul Simmonds is the Anglican Development officer for Workcare (part time) and is

Andrew Roberts
Paul Simmonds

particularly involved in working with local churches in helping them become
'Workaware'. This is for the benefit of people in work and out of work. He is available to come to your parish  - contact him at 


Kay Aldersley
Kay Aldersley

Kay Aldersley is a member of St Giles, Exhall, in north Coventry and is very experienced in running community based projects – currently focussing on the needs of those who are victims of the current financial crisis and have lost their jobs. She is running a number of Job Clubs in North Warwickshire. Contact Kay on

Pam Stote
Roger Horsley

Nobby Clarke
John Miles

A team of associates provide workplace chaplaincy to a range o
f industries and public services.  They are a mix of ordained ministers and lay people.  They have a considerable fund of skills and expertise.  We recruit from the mainstream churches - churches Together Coventry & Warwickshire.  John Miles and Roger Horsley are two members of our Chaplaincy team.  
WORKCARE is an ecumenical Christian agency, a licensed LEP, with charitable status, run by a Board who are representatives of the Christian churches in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Helga Cornell
Helga Cornell

Helga Cornell is the team-leader recruiting, supporting and training the team of chaplains. She is also minister at both Nuneaton & Bedworth URC's and will seek to develop a new, town centre (ecumenical) approach to local church ministry and be half time team leader of WORKCARE.
Why do we do it?

Workcare Leaflet


What do we offer through our chaplains? 



What are our aims?


Who pays?



Would your company like a chaplain?


We contact potential “customers” with the following proposal - If you believe that chaplaincy would benefit your workplace, contact the Team.  We will be glad to meet your Human Resources Team and Trades Union or Staff Association representatives. 



Work with us! "Calling local churches"

 If you would like to help as an individual or as a church, please contact us at and one of us will be in touch with you. Thanks!







 Mike Hobday one of our chaplains


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