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Papers written by Bishop Christopher

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*LATEST* - 130314 - Letter to Archbishop Bernard regarding election of Pope Francis
14th Mar 2013
Bishop Christopher writes to Archbishop Bernard, saying: "It is a great joy to join with you and all your people in rejoicing over the election of Pope Francis. It was extremely moving to see him appear before the people of Rome – and the whole world – speaking with such humility and inviting others to pray for him." Download File

120424 - The John Mere Commemoration Sermon
24th Apr 2012
A Sermon Preached by the Bishop of Coventry at St Bene't's Church, Cambridge on 24 April 2012. Download File

120528 - On the Archbishop of Canterbury's Pastoral Visit
28th May 2012
Writing on the commemoration of Lanfranc (Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1st century of the 2nd
millennium) the day after the visit of Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1st
century of the 3rd millennium), is a powerful reminder of the long and sustained tradition of which
we are part in the Church of England. The guidance from Lambeth Palace in the planning stages of
the Archbishop's visit was that he liked to be kept busy and that his aim was to help us in what we
were already trying to do. So we sought to provide a full and varied programme that would help
us to build upon our present work for the kingdom of God and, where possible, take us to the next
level. By the end of the weekend the Archbishop had preached the gospel of Christ to thousands of
people and engaged in a serious and theological way with many smaller groups drawn from
across the whole community of Coventry and Warwickshire.
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120923 - A Sermon Preached by the Bishop of Coventry at a Service to mark the 350th Anniversary of the Book of Common Prayer
23rd Sep 2012
Holy Trinity Stratford on 23rd September 2012

Readings: Zechariah 11 and 1 Corinthians 8

1662 is a year etched on to the mind of Anglican Christians throughout the world. It is the year of the reinstatement of our beloved Book of Common Prayer – the liturgy that John Wesley called the finest in Christendom - after the 20 years of its suppression during the Commonwealth period, a time of civil war in Britain when King, Bishops, Liturgy and Christmas were banned.
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121110 - A sermon preached at the inauguration of the Coventry Diocesan Synod
10th Nov 2012
10% closer to the Commandments. Let's think about what that might look like. And let's not set our sights too high. Let's just imagine what might happen to our national and local, family and personal lives if there was a determined attempt to realign our culture by a 10% swing towards the Ten Commandments.

Just imagine if everyone in our nation became 10% more committed to honouring their father and mother. What would that make our care homes look like, and would we need so many?...
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121111 - City of Coventry Remembrance Sunday Service
11th Nov 2012
The Introduction to the City of Coventry Remembrance Sunday Service at the War Memorial on 11th November 2012 by the Bishop of Coventry. Download File

121114 - What is Education For?
14th Nov 2012
My answer to the Conference question, 'What is education for?', is simply this: education is for the raising of human beings to their full dignity. One might call this an anthropological answer, a humanist answer. It is indeed. Education is about the lifting of people to their full dignity as human beings. It is about the humanising of humanity: providing space for young and old to become fully human, to grow into their true human identity and exercise authentic human activity. It is also, though, a theological answer: a humanist answer that is divinised by the Christian definition of humanity. Download File

121202 - A Sermon Preached at an Advent Service of Lament and Hope
2nd Dec 2012
In response to the General Synod vote about women bishops, a service of 'Lament and Hope' was held at Coventry Cathedral on Advent Sunday. Bishops Christopher and John invited clergy and laity from across the Diocese to join them for this special service.

The service was attended both by those who are in favour of the ordination of women bishops, and those who are against. People who hold opposing views about this issue spoke movingly about why they had come to the service.

Bishop Christopher preached at this service, and the full text of his sermon can be downloaded by clicking the link opposite.
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130117 - Confirmation in the missionary practice of the Church
17th Jan 2013
This is a rather Anglican and somewhat personal paper. It may test the patience of Lutheran colleagues whose theology of confirmation appears to have a greater clarity than is found among Anglicans and whose practice of confirmation has a pattern and purpose that has not been seen in the Church of England for at least fifty years. Nevertheless, I hope that at least it will show the place of confirmation in one ecclesial community in its particular missionary situation, and how a bishop is trying to applying his inherited theological tradition to the present missionary challenge. Download File

130129 - A letter to local MPs about the Government's Marriage Bill
29th Jan 2013
Bishop Christopher, together with leaders from the Muslim and Hindu communities, has written to MPs whose constituencies lie within the Diocese of Coventry regarding the Government's Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.
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130217 - A Sermon preached by the Bishop of Coventry in a series on the Apostle's Creed.
21st Feb 2013
A Sermon preached by the Bishop of Coventry in the Chapel of Jesus College, Cambridge on 1st Sunday of Lent, 17th February 2013 in a series on the Apostle's Creed.

Readings: Ezekiel 37.1-14; Acts 1.1-21
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130227 - Letter to Archbishop Bernard regarding successor to Pope Benedict XVI
27th Feb 2013
Bishop Christopher writes to Archbishop Bernard assuring him of the prayers of the Diocese of Coventry in the process leading to the choice of the successor to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Download File


Papers written by Bishop John

Name Description Download
*LATEST* - 130723 - Sermon at Bishop Colin's Funeral
23rd Jul 2013
A sermon preached by Bishop John at Coventry Cathedral on the occasion of Bishop Colin's funeral. Download File

130425 - Shakespeare Sermon
25th Apr 2013
Bishop John preached the “Shakespeare Sermon” at Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon on Sunday 21 April as part of the celebrations held there annually marking Shakespeare's birthday.

His full sermon is attached.
Download File

Archive - The Human Person: Sacrifice, Salvation and Community with particular reference to human limitation
25th Aug 2011
A paper delivered by Bishop John to the International Commission for Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue meeting in Albania in September 2011. Download File

As lambs among wolves
3rd Apr 2012
A talk given by Bishop John at Coventry Cathedral during Holy Week 2012. Download File

For with you is the fountain of life
4th Apr 2012
A talk given by Bishop John at Coventry Cathedral during Holy Week 2012. Download File

The whole earth is full of his glory
2nd Apr 2012
A talk given by Bishop John at Coventry Cathedral during Holy Week 2012. Download File

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