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Rupert Allen
Dr Claire Strachan


The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) is the diocesan committee required within the Faculty process, to act as an advisory body on matters affecting places of worship in the diocese, having due regard to the Church's role as a local centre of worship and mission, relating to: -

The DAC consists of members, appointed by the Bishop, who between them have knowledge of the history, development and use of church buildings, liturgy and worship, architecture, archaeology, art, history and experience of the care of historic buildings and their contents. They give their time free and are an invaluable source of advice to PCCs.


The DAC is required to give advice to: -

If you would to dicuss any matter, please write to me at the address below: -

Dr Claire Strachan

Church Buildings Development Officer


1 Hill Top



ring me on 024 7652 1312 or email me.

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