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Diocesan Synod

What is the Diocesan Synod?

The Diocesan Synod is governed by the Synodical Government Measure 1969 which sets out the following main functions:-

Normally, the Synod meets three times a year.  Members of the Diocesan Synod hold office for a term of three years.  The membership of Synod consists of the Bishops, the Dean, the Archdeacons, the Chancellor, the Chairmen of certain statutory committees, Diocesan members of the General Synod, and clergy and laity elected by the Deanery Synods in accordance with formulae approved by the Diocesan Synod.




A number of resources are avaliable for download below.  They are:

  1. Presidential addresses to the Synod by the Bishop of Coventry
  2. Minutes of the Diocesan Synod
  3. Latest Synod Papers: the latest set of supporting papers sent to members of Synod
  4. Archive Synod Papers: historic supporting papers sent to members of Synod
  5. Resources for members: the Standing Orders of the Synod, a proxy form for meetings of the Diocesan Board of Finance, the Archbishop's Charge to the Bishop of Coventry given at the confirmation of his election, and the Diocese's statement of needs used in the Vacancy in See process
  6. Synod Presentations


1 - Presidential Addresses

Name Description Download
The Presidential Address
18th Nov 2008
Bishop Christopher's Presidential Address to Diocesan Synod Download File

The Presidential Address
14th Mar 2009
Bishop Christopher's Presidential Address to Diocesan Synod Download File

The Presidential Address
29th Mar 2010
The Bishop of Coventry's Presidential Address Download File

The Presidential Address
1st Jul 2010
Bishop Christopher's address to Synod on 30 June 2010, which focused on the second part of the Archbishop's Charge to him; cherishing the bonds of mutuality within the Diocese. Download File

The Presidential Address
8th Nov 2010
Bishop Christopher's address to the Diocesan Synod at Harris School on 6 November 2010. Download File

The Presidential Address
5th Apr 2011
Bishop Christopher's Presidential address to Diocesan Synod on 19 March 2011. Download File


2 - Minutes

Name Description Download
2011 no. 1 - 19 March 2011
19th Mar 2011
Minutes of the meeting on 19 March 2011 Download File

2011 no.2 - 15 June 2011
15th Jun 2011
Minutes of the meeting on 15 June 2011. Download File

2011 no.3 - 5 November 2011, Minutes
17th Nov 2011
The minutes of the Diocesan Synod meeting on 5 November 2011. Download File

2012 no.1 - 10 March 2012
17th Jul 2012
Minutes of the meeting on 10 March 2012 Download File

2012 no.2 - 26 June 2012
13th Aug 2012
Minutes of the meeting on 26 June 2012. Download File

2012 no.3 - 10 November 2012 DRAFT
25th Feb 2013
DRAFT minutes of the Diocesan Synod meeting on 10 November 2012. These have not yet been approved and may change. Download File


3 - Synod Papers 2 March 2013

Name Description Download
DS 13/01
25th Feb 2013
Agenda for 2 March 2013 Download File

DS 13/02
25th Feb 2013
Diocesan Synod minutes 10 November 2012 Download File

DS 13/03
25th Feb 2013
8 Essential Qualities - Notes from the Diocesan Synod break out groups at the meeting in November 2012 Download File

DS 13/04
25th Feb 2013
Instrument of Delegation from the Bishop of Coventry Download File

DS 13/05
25th Feb 2013
Appointments to casual vacancies on the Coventry Diocesan Board of Education - delegation from the Diocesan Synod to the Bishop's Council in its capacity as the Standing Committee of Synod. Download File

DS 13/06
25th Feb 2013
Annual Report of the DAC for 2012. Download File


4.1 - Synod Papers 19 March 2011

Name Description Download
DS 11/01
17th Aug 2011
19 March 2011 - Agenda Download File

DS 11/03
17th Aug 2011
This paper sets out the vacancies on Diocesan Boards and Committees. Download File

DS 11/04
17th Aug 2011
The Chair of the DAC's 2010 report. Download File


4.2 - Synod Papers 15 June 2011

Name Description Download
DS 11/05
17th Aug 2011
Agenda for 15 June 2011 Download File

DS 11/07
17th Aug 2011
Women in the Episcopate Briefing for Synod Download File

DS 11/08
17th Aug 2011
Minutes of the AGM of the CDBF 30 June 2010 Download File

DS 11/09
17th Aug 2011
CDBF Report and Financial Statements to 31-12-10 Download File

DS 11/10
17th Aug 2011
CDBE 2010 Report and Accounts Download File

DS 11/11
17th Aug 2011
Incorporation of the DBE Download File

DS 11/13
17th Aug 2011
DBE Report 2010 Download File

DS 11/14
17th Aug 2011
2012 Fixed Dates Download File


4.3 - Synod Papers for 5 November 2011

Name Description Download
DS 11/15
27th Oct 2011
Agenda for 15 November 2011 Download File

DS 11/17
27th Oct 2011
Women in the Episcopate - Resources list Download File

DS 11/18
1st Nov 2011
Summary of Deanery Synod discussions on Women in the Episcopate Download File

DS 11/19
27th Oct 2011
Following Motion - supporting notes Download File

DS 11/20
27th Oct 2011
Proposal for the numbers of Deanery representatives to be elected to the Diocesan Synod in 2012 Download File

DS 11/21
27th Oct 2011
Proposed 2012 budget for the Coventry Diocesan Board of Finance. Download File

DS 11/22
27th Oct 2011
Notes paper Download File

DS 11/23
27th Oct 2011
Update on committee vacancies Download File


4.4 - Synod Papers for 10 March 2012

Name Description Download
DS 12/01
17th Jul 2012
Agenda for 10 March 2012 Download File

DS 12/02
17th Jul 2012
Diocesan Synod Minutes 5 November 2011 Download File

DS 12/03
17th Jul 2012
Anglican Covenant debate & resources Download File

DS 12/04
17th Jul 2012
Chair of the Audit Committee Download File

DS 12/05
17th Jul 2012
Committee Vacancies Download File

DS 12/06
17th Jul 2012
DAC Report 2011 Download File


4.5 - Synod Papers for 26 June 2012

Name Description Download
DS 12/07
17th Jul 2012
Diocesan Synod Agenda 26-06-12 Download File

DS 12/08
17th Jul 2012
Diocesan Synod Minutes 10 03 12 Download File

DS 12/09
17th Jul 2012
AGM 2011 Minutes Download File

DS 12/10
17th Jul 2012
CDBF Reports and Financial Statements 2011 Download File

DS 12/11
17th Jul 2012
CDBE Reports and Accounts 2011 Download File

DS 12/12
17th Jul 2012
Triennial Elections Download File


4.6 - Synod Papers 10 November 2012

Name Description Download
DS 12/13
22nd Oct 2012
10 November 2012 - Agenda Download File

DS 12/15
22nd Oct 2012
2013 Diocesan Board of Finance Budget Download File

DS 12/16
13th Nov 2012
Handout for the presentation and discusison on Development of the Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Growing Churches. Download File


5 - Resources for Members

Name Description Download
CDBF Articles of Association
8th Jan 2013
The Articles of Association of the Coventry Diocesan Board of Finance Limited, as approved and adopted by the Coventry Diocesan Synod on 19 July 2000. Download File

Diocesan Synod - Guide for members
13th Nov 2012
A guide to the Diocesan Synod for members, produced in November 2012. Download File

Proxy Form - Diocesan Board of Finance
25th May 2012
For members of the Diocesan Synod to nominate proxies to speak and/or vote at meetings of the Coventry Diocesan Board of Finance. Download File

Standing Orders
31st Mar 2009
The standing orders for Diocesan Synod, 2009 edition. Download File

Statement of Needs
18th Nov 2008
The document produced by the Vacancy in See committee describing the Diocese and the key tasks for the new Bishop. Download File

The Archbishops Charge
18th Nov 2008
At the confirmation of his election at Lambeth Palace on July 2nd 2008, the Archbishop of Canterbury gave this charge to Bishop Christopher: Download File


6 - Synod Presentations

Name Description Download
Lay & Reader Ministry
1st Apr 2010
Presentation given by the Director of Ministry Revd Canon Roger Spiller and the Warden of Readers Mrs Christine Haines on Lay and Reader Ministry. Download File

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